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Dear Friend:

God’s Creation is in grave danger. Never before in Earth’s history has our planetary home been so threatened with destruction. Thousands of species of the very plants and animals that God commanded Noah to save are being destroyed and eliminated from Planet Eden by greed and ignorance.

Only tiny remnants of our planet as it was created remain unscarred by the hand of man.

We, the descendants of Noah, must unite in a common cause to protect and preserve, in God’s name, as many remnants of Eden as possible before it is too late.

We must confront the forces of evil which are defiling God’s creation.

God needs your help in order to save our planet for future generations. With your help we will be able to purchase living arks in the form of pristine natural areas which will serve as wilderness cathedrals dedicated to God and His glory.

Thank you for your generous support.

George H. Russell

Yes! I want to enlist in Noah’s Army* and help save Planet Eden. Enclosed please find my offering:

_____$1.00 Private

_____$500.00 Major

_____$1,000.00 Lt. Colonel

_____$5.00 Corporal

_____$2,500.00 Colonel

_____$10.00 Sergeant

_____$5,000.00 Brigadier General

_____$25.00 Master Sergeant**

_____$10,000.00 Major General (2 Stars)

_____$50.00 1st Sergeant***

_____$25,000.00 Lieutenant General

_____$100.00 Sergeant Major

_____$50,000.00 General (4 Stars)

_____$150.00 Lieutenant

_____$100,000.00 Commanding General of the Army of Noah (5 Stars)

_____$250.00 Captain

_____I can’t help financially but I am willing to work as a simple foot soldier to help defend God’s creation from destruction.

_____I own a beautiful remnant of Eden which I wish to have dedicated in God’s name and to God’s glory for all time. I am enclosing photographs and a description.

_____Please keep me posted on the success of Noah’s Army in defending God’s creation. My e-mail
address is:_______________________________.

*Noah’s Army is a division of Russell Ministries. All donations are tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

**We will send you the booklet “Religion and the Forests” with a donation of $25.00 or more

***We will send you the above gift plus the video “Who’s Woods Are These” with a donation of $50.00 or more

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